Italy 0-1 Belgium: Euro 2020 Group D – the way it performed out | Girls’s Euro 2022

England v Spain (Wednesday 8pm)
Germany v Austria (Thursday 8pm)
Sweden v Belgium (Friday 8pm)
France v Netherlands (Saturday 8pm)

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All over – and Belgium ARE through. There was no time after the penalty for Iceland to try and find another goal. Iceland finish the group stage unbeaten – but they are out – the first team in a Women’s Euros to achieve that dubious honour.

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A fantastic penalty is hammered into the roof of the net by Brynjarsdottir!

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For the first time ever, Belgium look to be heading through to the last eight of a major tournament! Even if Iceland score against France at the last, Belgium would still be through. If Iceland got two goals … well, they can’t, can they?

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A free-kick is pumped into the mixer by (I think) Wullaert for Belgium.


It’s half-cleared, and the defender Kees, up for the set-piece, diverts the ball in the direction of De Caigny, who unerringly clips a low shot into the bottom corner.


As it stands, Belgium will finish second in the group and go through!

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Belgium get things started. One change for Italy: Di Guglielmo is off, for Bonfantini.


Can someone find a way through and deny Iceland a place in the last eight?

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Appropriately the half ends with Italy on the front foot, but labouring to break down this dogged Belgium defence. A corner is cleared by Belgium. A band in the stands (Belgium fans, I reckon?) is making plenty of noise but there is nothing too much to shout about on the pitch.


For half-time reading, Jonathan Wilson analyses England’s 8-0 thumping of Norway:

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That didn’t take long. Melvine Malard puts France one up in the other match in Group D. Good news for both these teams: if Iceland fail to win, they know a victory will send them through.

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We are under way in Manchester. Immediately there is a sight of goal for Girelli, who is in plenty of space near the edge of the area. She curls a good right-footed shot goalwards from 20 yards and it is beaten out for a corner by Evrard.

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Four changes are made by the Italy coach, Milenia Bertolini, following the 1-1 draw against Iceland. Di Guglielmo comes in at left-back, Giugliano is on the right wing, with Girelli ahead of Bonansea in attack.


For Belgium Hannah Eurlings, the 19-year-old winger, comes into the starting lineup and they will play an attacking 4-3-3.


Italy (4-4-1-1): Giuliani; Boattin, Linari, Di Guglielmo, Bartoli; Giugliano, Rosucci, Simonetti, Bergamaschi; Bonansea; Girelli. Substitutes: Schroffenegger, Gama, Galli, Sabatino, Bonfantini, Filangeri, Caruso, Giacinti, Piemonte, Cernoia, Lenzini, Durante.


Belgium (4-3-3): Evrard; Vangheluwe, Kees, Philtjens, Biesmans; Cayman, Vanhaevermaet, De Caigny; Dhont, Eurlings, Wullaert. Substitutes: Lemey, Van Kerkhoven, Wijnants, Delacauw, Vanmechelen, Minnaert, Tison, De Neve, Deloose, Missipo, Lichtfus.


Referee: Ivana Martincic (Croatia)

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As I mentioned below, Rob Smyth was beavering away on The Fiver earlier, and was kind enough to produce an oven-ready breakdown of the permutations in Group D, which is below. Who will be out of the frying pan and into the fire? Or something like that.


“France are through as group winners, and will play the Netherlands, the holders, in a humdinger of a quarter-final in New York [Stadium] on Saturday. The opposite three groups are competing for the fitting to most likely, no offence, lose to Sweden at Leigh Sports activities Village on Friday. That’s type of by the by: for all three groups, however particularly Belgium, qualifying for the quarter-finals is an finish in itself.


“Iceland have two factors, Belgium and Italy one. Iceland might be by means of in the event that they beat France, however that’s unlikely. If it doesn’t occur, both of Belgium or Italy will undergo with a win. The place it actually begins to swell the noggin is that if – and that is hardly past the realms – Iceland lose and the opposite two draw. In that situation, a 0-0 would put Iceland by means of (don’t ask us to clarify, that is exhausting sufficient as it’s) and a 2-2 draw or increased would put Belgium by means of.


“If it finishes 1-1, Belgium and Iceland could be cut up by total aim distinction, then targets scored, then a sudden-death spelling bee wherein gamers on either side need to spell the phrase “canicular”. Confused? Splendid. Now all we want are the three digits on the again of the cardboard.”

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The important thing to remember as Group D concludes tonight is that France, with six points from a possible six, have already qualified for the quarter-finals. Aside from that it’s all up for grabs, with fourth-placed Italy able to progress, if they defeat Belgium and Iceland don’t beat Les Bleus this evening. Belgium know exactly the same thing: win tonight, and if Iceland lose to or draw with France (as seems likely), they will be going through.


Unless you’ve been living in a cave (which come to think of it would be perfect in this weather) you will be aware of the freakishly hot temperatures the UK is currently experiencing. Rob Smyth’s research tells us that 33C is forecast before kick-off at the Academy Stadium in Manchester for Italy v Belgium, while New York Stadium in Rotherham is expected to be an even hotter 35C where Iceland meet France. There will be cooling breaks aplenty.


Kick-off is at 8pm – why not begin your exhaustive pre-match reading with our interactive guide to all 368 players at Women’s Euro 2022?

“,”elementId”:”49cd66b6-a943-4052-ab24-fa8120acd13c”},{“_type”:”model.dotcomrendering.pageElements.RichLinkBlockElement”,”url”:””,”text”:”Women’s Euro 2022: your complete guide to all 368 players”,”prefix”:”Related: “,”role”:”inline”,”elementId”:”935ccd62-f3b0-4aa2-91d4-30bcf549e31f”}],”attributes”:{“pinned”:false,”keyEvent”:true,”abstract”:false},”blockCreatedOn”:1658167217000,”blockCreatedOnDisplay”:”19.00 BST”,”blockLastUpdated”:1658163642000,”blockLastUpdatedDisplay”:”18.00 BST”,”blockFirstPublished”:1658167217000,”blockFirstPublishedDisplay”:”19.00 BST”,”blockFirstPublishedDisplayNoTimezone”:”19.00″,”title”:”Preamble”,”contributors”:[],”primaryDateLine”:”Mon 18 Jul 2022 22.15 BST”,”secondaryDateLine”:”First printed on Mon 18 Jul 2022 19.00 BST”}],”filterKeyEvents”:false,”format”:{“show”:0,”theme”:2,”design”:10},”id”:”key-events-carousel-mobile”}”>

Necessary occasions:

Will Unwin’s match report is right here:

And that is it. Congratulations to Belgium, and certainly France, for reaching the final eight of the Girls’s Euro 2022. See you quickly for extra.

Pleasure on the finish when Iceland grabbed that late penalty – however there was no time for them to attain one other aim.

For Belgium, they are often happy with how they defended in opposition to a gifted Italian staff. Italy could not discover the sting to interrupt down their opponents – that they had the higher recreation, on stability, however had been punished for not taking their possibilities.

The quarter finals have been confirmed

England v Spain (Wednesday 8pm)
Germany v Austria (Thursday 8pm)
Sweden v Belgium (Friday 8pm)
France v Netherlands (Saturday 8pm)

On a regular basis! Iceland 1-1 France

Throughout – and Belgium is THROUGH. There was no time after the penalty for Iceland to attempt to discover one other aim. Iceland end the group stage unbeaten – however they’re out – the primary staff on the Girls’s Euros to attain that doubtful honour.

Tine De Caigny of Belgium celebrating after scoring a goal
Tine De Caigny of Belgium celebrating after scoring a aim Picture: Jan Kruger/UEFA/Getty Pictures

Purpose! Iceland 1-1 France! (Brynjarsdottir)

A incredible penalty is hit into the roof of the online by Brynjarsdottir!

It appears that evidently Iceland have a penalty in opposition to France!

On a regular basis! Italy 0-1 Belgium!

For the primary time, Belgium need to attain the final eight of a significant championship! Even when Iceland had scored in opposition to France within the final recreation, Belgium would nonetheless have completed. If Iceland scored two targets … nicely, they can not, can they?

90 + 6 minutes: Boattin sends a hopeful cross. Evrard, who has been wonderful all night time, gathers. One minute for Belgium to protest!

Italy play the ball on the left aspect of the Belgian penalty space, it goes to Giacinti, however he hits a horrible ball that does not appear to be a cross or a shot. He had teammates lurking within the center as nicely.

90 + 4 minutes: Belgium return two corners. The second which ends with Bonfantini, who does nicely to create a cross, however then it’s a weak supply. That concludes it for Italy. They nonetheless have a couple of minutes.

90 + 3 minutes: Cernoia takes the free kick. The aim scorer, De Caigny, shoots a harmful shot over the aim and finds a nook. Belgium is even nearer.

90 + 2 minutes: Kassandra Missipo involves Belgium, changing Cayman. He instantly provides away a free kick with a handball as he jumps to attempt to block a cross ball.

90 minutes: Wullaert performs for Belgium! He hits a superb curling effort to the aspect of his proper boot, which Giuliani is nicely struck, nevertheless it comes again off the within of the fitting hand put up and broad!

89 minutes: Cayman tried to purchase a free-kick underneath a problem from Bonfantini. The referee doesn’t oblige. However Italy are sometimes introduced again in their very own half.

We can have seven minutes of prolonged time! That period of time contains the winter break, in fact.

88 minutes: Belgium assault, and ship the ball to the top of Italy by means of the primary move. Minnaert is penalized for a foul and Italy can attempt to create one thing once more. They get little or no pleasure from this Belgian defence, thoughts you.

85 minutes: It has not been lengthy for the reason that males’s staff received Euro 2020 however because it stands the Italian girls are heading out of Euro 2022.

Bonansea is the newest to attempt to convey them again on phrases … he takes a low shot nevertheless it misses and once more Evrard manages to gather. He appears annoyed by that, and Italy is actually behind regardless of all the things they’ve tried.

84 minutes: The Belgian goalkeeper, Evrard, was injured and desires therapy, however he’s again on his toes now and appears to be superb.

82 minutes: Belgum are shedding it in midfield. Fast as pace, Cernoia runs ahead and performs a superb nook kick for Giacinti, however Evrard runs off the road and collects.

79 minutes: Italian captain Girelli and Bergamasco go to Sabatino and Cernoia.

The departing Girelli seems to be livid, showing to toss something as he runs, each annoyed by Italy’s failure to attain, however primarily (I believe) that he has been despatched off with 10 minutes to go.

78 minutes: Now Giacinti has the power to see the aim and shoots a low shot for Italy, which bounces off the opponent and dribbles broad!

76 minutes: After Bonansea did nicely to elevate the ball up, Girelli burst onto a strong cross that headed Vanhaevermaet. Bonfantini can not attain his finish. All of the Italian gamers protest when the nook will not be obtainable. They know that point is working out.

73 minutes: Bonfantini comes down the fitting wing for Italy, following a move that’s despatched over his head, however he jumps out for a throw-in. This should be a irritating hour for Italian followers. They clearly have plenty of expertise within the staff however they can not put all of it collectively and decelerate the Belgian defence. No less than, not but. There’s nonetheless time.

71 minutes: It stays 1-0 to France of their match in opposition to Iceland, so in a repeat, Belgium would be the runners-up of Group D as it’s. (France’s Malard appeared to have the ball within the internet once more however the effort was dominated out by VAR.)

And now, as we enter the ultimate 20 minutes, it is time for a cool break.

70 minutes: Bergamaschi sends over the cross. Caruso and Boattin each have photographs because the ball hits the Belgian penalty space. Belgium clears a number of blocks and at last will get the ball clear.

68 minutes: Italy throw the cube. Valentina Giacinti, striker, comes to exchange midfielder Simonetti.

65 minutes: Boattin goes within the ebook very strongly, some can say reckless, problem on Eurlings. That mentioned, Eurlings did not have his legs both and it was 50-50.

Eurlings leaves instantly (not injured – it is a deliberate change) as Delacauw joins the sport, whereas Deloose, the defender, additionally comes on for Vangheluwe.

62 minutes: Giugliano loses possession in midfield for Italy. One thing they can not afford to do. A couple of minutes in the past, Marie Minnaert entered Belgium, as an alternative of Dhont. He’ll slot in to the fitting of their entrance three. It appears they’re making ready extra variants, too.

60 minutes: It will be incorrect to say Italy dominated the primary half however they definitely loved extra possession and appeared the extra progressive staff. Because it stands they may pay for his or her lack of innovative – which can also be, in fact, a mirrored image of the standard of the Belgian defence.

58 minutes: Ariana Caruso enters Italy in midfield, with Rosucci dominated out of the sport.

57 minutes: Now it is Bonansea’s flip to be a risk to Italy. He receives the ball simply outdoors the penalty space, cuts previous his mark and buys himself an opportunity to shoot … which is straight at aim. The most effective work from Italy.

53 minutes: Italy come once more. Boattin floats in a cross from the left. Girelli tries to get a strong header over him however cannot hassle the keeper. Girelli continues to seek out area within the discipline, enjoying whereas leaning on the aim, and asking his teammates to seek out the ball both on the nook or along with his toes. He’s an Italian central striker and he has no errors.

51 minutes: Bonfantini roars into the Belgian penalty space. Simonetti squares to Girelli, who hits a first-time, right-footed shot that cannons off the cliff! Very welcome! Now we have a recreation now.

Purpose! forty ninth minute: Italy 0-1 Belgium (De Caigny)

A free-kick goes into the mixer by (I believe) Wullaert for Belgium.

It’s half-open, and the defender Kees, for a set-piece, directs the ball to De Caigny, who with out mistake captures a weak shot within the backside nook.

Because it stands, Belgium will end second within the group and move!

Tine De Caigny jumps to celebrate her goal.
Tine De Caigny jumps to have a good time her aim. Picture: Jon Tremendous/AP

47 minutes: Italy begin to assault once more, however once more lacking the sting. The newly launched Bonfantini does nicely to show from the mark on the small line, and cross, however it’s simply collected by Evrard.

The second half begins!

Belgium ought to begin issues. One change for Italy: Di Guglielmo is off, for Bonfantini.

Can somebody discover a approach and deny Iceland a spot within the final eight?

Break time! Italy 0-0 Belgium

Accordingly, the half ends with Italy on the entrance foot, however working exhausting to interrupt down this Belgian defence. The nook is offered by Belgium. The band within the stands (Belgian followers, I believe?) are making plenty of noise however there may be nothing a lot to shout about within the stadium.

For half-time studying, Jonathan Wilson breaks down England’s 8-0 thrashing of Norway:

45 minutes: We can have two minutes of added time.

44 minutes: Bertolini, Italy’s head coach, is seen staring intently on the touchline. You may solely think about that he’s annoyed by the dearth of high quality proven by Italy right here, after getting the higher of the primary half total.

43 minutes: Di Guglielmo digs in a cross from the fitting, low into the nook, as Italy mount once more. Evrard claims. Protection is up.

41 minutes: Bonansea now has the power to see the aim from the nook, inside the world … he pulls off a low shot aimed for the far aim nevertheless it goes broad. Italy is simply beginning to poke holes on this Belgian protection now.

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