Video games Inbox: When will Doom 3 be launched?

The Art of Doom Eternal

Doom Everlasting – What’s subsequent? (Picture: Bethesda)

Tuesday’s Letters web page notes the similarities between Stray and As Nightfall Falls, as one reader is confused concerning the Saints Row hype.

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Hail to the king
I was looking at the list of upcoming Xbox releases again yesterday and noticed that there was nothing from ID Software. They don’t seem to have announced anything since they released Doom Eternal in 2020 (which I swear was even older but I think that’s pandemic screw with your sense of time).

Obviously, the best guess for what they’re doing next is Doom 3 (or whatever they’re going to call it) but there’s also been a few rumors about a single-player Quake reboot, and I kind of flip on which I’d prefer.

I hope something is announced soon, because I think IDs are very rare in modern times. They basically invented the first person shooter but these days I don’t think many people have heard of them. I was very disappointed with Rage 2 because the gunplay was top notch – at least by Bungie standards – while all the open world stuff in that game was bad, but that kind of overshadowed it.

It’s time for them to make a big comeback and reclaim their crown as the kings of first-person shooters.

Indie Future
Interestingly, on Monday we got a review of two indie games that are exclusive to their respective consoles and free to play from day one through their subscription services. What’s interesting is that neither Stray nor As Dusk Falls seem like you’d really want to pay around £20, but they’re well worth the time for ‘free’.

That sounds like the future of gaming right there. Not in terms of what the games themselves are, but how mid-budget games are going to be funded and sold, and how Sony and Microsoft (and even Nintendo) are going to fill their schedules, now that it takes so long to become a triple-A game. .

And I’m fine with that. Neither game feels amazing but they do feel different and that’s a good thing. Both the companies are keen to do more such deals in the future.

Slow progress
Are there only two people working on Halo Infinite or something? Why is it taking so long to add campaign co-op?! I thought today’s story was going to be added eventually but it’s just a beta, which you have to sign up for?

It’s no wonder Microsoft’s other games are taking so long if they behave this way with their top priority. As far as I’m concerned, 343 has been worse since Bungie left. I bet Microsoft secretly wants to get rid of them, but the hassle of getting someone else involved after all this time is probably too much. I wonder how much mess they can make before something is finally done.

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No clue
So there’s a one-week free trial for PS Plus Premium, but Sony hasn’t told anyone? We only know because fans and websites have noticed? I don’t want to pile on them considering people have been complaining about their communication issues for a while now, but this is weird.

Do we have any idea when they’ll be playing another kingdom? A proper one where they talk about their own games and announce something new? I know Sony’s E3 event in September has been delayed but as far as I know Sony hasn’t hinted at anything, not even for God of War Ragnarok.

GC: There’s really no way to predict. The way Sony has been doing this year, especially over the past few months, the new status quo could happen at any time… or not at all.

Complaints from fans
I’m amazed at how quickly Saint Row comes out in just a month’s time, and yet no one here or on the wider internet seems to be talking about it. Are fans still upset that it doesn’t have the old characters? I don’t like the new look but I can’t pretend the old one made much of an impression.

Did they have the same problem with the game? I really don’t understand the outcry over that. All I know is that the original Saints Row games were way more fun to play than GTA and had really good character customizers. Now isn’t that enough?

Maybe there’s a legitimate complaint I’m not aware of, I don’t go over the trailers with a magnifying glass like some did, but sometimes it seems people only complain when something is different or not 100% subject to the past. If that’s the way it goes in Saint Row, that’s not enough to keep me away.

VR control
Assuming Nintendo releases new hardware next year I still believe it will be something as simple as the Switch Pro, which is basically the same console but with more power. I mean, it could be, who knows, but I feel like so much time has passed that it doesn’t seem too late.

I feel like it should be the Switch 2 itself, and I still can’t believe it’s just the Switch but with better graphics. I guess they went too weird with the Wii U but the rest of the consoles were basically the same as the Wii while the gamepad was something new, so I think they’ll try to make the Switch 2 a lot different. to the right of self. But how?

Keeping it hybrid seems like a given but what else do you do? What weird controls or features might it have? And then it hit me. Modern styles of VR controllers are basically motion controllers but much more accurate and better at 3D movement. So how about those two pairings with the Switch 2?

It doesn’t have to have anything to do with VR, as I’m sure Nintendo can come up with a lot of interesting things on a normal screen. If that’s their plan, I’d like to pretend my uncle who worked at Nintendo told me.

Pre-order now, friend
Just a quick reminder that pre-orders for the physical versions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be closing on Limited Run Games this Sunday July 24th. So if you don’t order before then, you won’t be able to order it other than the standard versions on Amazon etc.

It takes four to six months for production and delivery starting this Sunday, so you don’t get it right away.
Andrew J.
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The psychology of fabrication
I wonder what some of these fans get out of making such complicated and time consuming fake leaks. I can see the technical challenge of making a fake video or photo but writing pages and pages of fake GTA 6 information and trying to pass it off as real… what’s the point? It also got a bit of coverage with a Bloomberg guy commenting on it, so I guess that’s what the guy wanted?

I hope we get an actual GTA 6 but probably not too close to release (which I assume is no earlier than 2024). As I recall things came out about Red Dead Redemption 2, specifically the map a couple of times, but it was only six months before it came out, I think.

It’s probably best if we all sort ourselves out and just wait. It doesn’t sound healthy to create fantasy descriptions of what the game will be like, especially if everything is the same as GTA 5 but one better. Given how many developers, including the main writer, have left Rockstar over the years, we should consider ourselves lucky if the new game is as good as GTA 5, let alone expect it to be even better.

Inbox also ran
After I saw a review, I gave the Citizen Sleeper another chance. I understand it now and I find it very fascinating.

GC: Well done to you, we thought you might like it if you gave it a chance.

Can we just celebrate that Bayonetta 3 is actually happening? None of the previous games have ever sold well, on any format, and yet life finds a way!

This week’s topic of discussion
This weekend’s Inbox topic was suggested by reader Tolly, who asks what is the longest game session you’ve ever had.

Simply put, what’s the longest game you’ve ever played without any significant breaks? Did you intentionally prepare to play for so long, and if so, what preparations did you make?

Have you ever sat down to play and wondered how long you were there when you finished? Do you consider this a good thing and how much time is your priority for a gaming session in general?

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